The Making of Me: My Odyssey in Business

This book is about Dele unbound: the story of a young man who had faith in himself and earnestly took hold of his life. A man who thrives on taking challenges and confronting odds.

Scoring all props and supports, crutches and life preservers, he decided to plunge into the sea of life. He strove to become a creator rather than an inheritor; to bequeath rather than to borrow.

Instead of wielding the rusted sword of his departed father, he forged his own weapon. He fought his own battle; a living testimony to self-reliance and self-methodology.

Book Launch

The book shall be launched in Lagos on Monday, July 15, 2019.

The book shall be available in-store and online at the following bookstores; Laterna, Quintessence, Glendora, Roving Heights and other bookstores at the Lagos international airport.